Q3 2017 Quarterly Commentary


2016 GIPS Verification


Bridge City Capital Small Cap Growth Crosses $100 Million AUM Milestone

BROADRIDGE TOP 20 Money Managers, Powered by Lipper, 2016 - First Quarter, 1-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year


The “BROADRIDGE TOP 20 Money Managers, Powered by Lipper” ranks investment managers against peers that have submitted performance history to the Lipper Marketplace database. Performance rankings are available for the most recent quarter, 4 quarter, 12 quarter, 20 quarter and 40 quarter periods and rank investment managers by investment strategy performance relative to peers. Please visit the Lipper Marketplace website for more details about the “BROADRIDGE Top 20 Money Managers, Powered by Lipper” rankings. Broadridge rankings are not intended to constitute investment advice or predict future results, and neither Bridge City Capital, LLC nor Broadridge can guarantee the accuracy of this information. In addition to periods of positive returns, the Bridge City Small Cap Growth strategy has experienced some periods of negative returns during the award time frames. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


Bridge City Capital Celebrates Five Year Milestone